George Alexandropoulos and Theodosia Economidou were the founding partners of the firm back in 1992. They were soon joined by their colleague Charalambos Eliopoulos in 1996.

The subsequent development was fast. Today, our firm is one of the largest law firms in Greece with extensive experience from working in an international environment. We provide professional and specialist legal services and advice to our commercial and private clients, both Greek and international.

Besides the three partners, our firm is currently joined by several other lawyers of the Supreme Court of Greece (Areios Pagos), the court of Appeal (Efeteio) and the Court of First Instance (Protodikeio), trainee lawyers as well as administrative staff. We have a large and well organised network of court bailiffs in Athens and in all major cities of Greece. We have established partnership with overseas law firms in different countries and we have presence in Cyprus - Russia - Ukraine.